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1 year, September-August
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The way people today experience their environment and interact with others is often mediated through new technologies. The discipline of Interaction Design has emerged to ensure the delivery of these technologies enhances all aspects of modern society. Interaction Design at The Glasgow School of Art focuses on people, rather than technology. This Masters programme looks to tackle real-life problems by improving interaction and communication between stakeholders using a variety of methods.

The course, taught at the school’s campus in the Scottish Highlands, promotes a hands-on approach to interaction design. Through live projects with an emphasis on collaborative working, you will develop an understanding of Interaction Design in complex environments and learn to analyse behaviours that inform the design process. You will also have the opportunity to engage with peers from international schools as part of the annual Winter School held at the campus in Forres.

Opportunities enabled by contemporary technologies are examined and incorporated into a programme that adopts a holistic approach to interaction design. You will explore all the ways in which interactive components can be used to enhance our relationships with people, products and services in an increasingly digital future.

Our Approach

The Innovation School is a community of designers and academics who operate within a wider network to deliver Design Innovation in a real-world context. We create a platform for collaboration by organising live projects with businesses and local communities, as well as public and private sector partners. Our studio-based approach to design and research results in a vibrant creative environment that supports various forms of interaction between faculty and students.

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Our team

The Innovation School’s faculty and support staff come from a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds. Our varied expertise enables us to cover many specialisms as well as providing a holistic overview of Design Innovation. Each tutor has a thorough understanding of human-centred design methods, and many are involved in their own research or projects that feed into our constantly evolving programmes.

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