The Innovation School collaborates with a range of international partners from the education, business and civic worlds. Working with us offers an opportunity to benefit from our extensive expertise in delivering innovation through a human-centred, research-driven creative process. We are adept at applying this approach to a variety of projects that help to engage users in the development of new solutions or support businesses and organisations that want to improve how they work.

Our students, faculty and researchers get involved in a variety of live projects that aim to challenge conventional attitudes and deliver meaningful future-focused solutions. We enjoy helping people with limited creative experience understand the power and value of design innovation. We develop tools and methodologies that can be embedded in their working practice.

Academic Partners

Our academic partners include University of Glasgow, Imperial College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Chiba University. Our Undergraduate programmes benefit from exchange opportunities with leading international institutions, and we welcome students from around the world to study at The Innovation School or to participate in our Winter School programme.

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Civic partners

The Innovation School works with policy makers, charities and service providers at a local and national level to help them improve their performance and develop innovative projects. We partner with local councils and the Scottish Government to help develop strategies for change, as well as demonstrating how human-centred research and design can support their work. Our partners include the NHS, Highland and Islands Enterprise, and the Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre.

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