The School of Innovation and Technology aims to integrate social innovations that build upon technological innovations in a way that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries within art and science.  It offers an opportunity for students to learn how to critique the ways we live using design in combination with scientific knowledge, by thinking about what the capacity of designers will be to look at key changes needed now in multiple aspects of our lives.  SIT will examine complex questions in fields such as healthcare, education, technology and pressingly within the context of the climactic and ecological crisis.

Human-Centred Innovation

At the Innovation School, we believe that life is social, and therefore the exercise of creativity, imagination and making is also social. We work with people as well as designing for people. The dialogue that drives the design process – the conversations with users, stakeholders, communities and organisations that shape collaborative and shared ambitions – is a central part of the design innovation process.

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Making Change Happen

Innovation is about shaping the world we live in. Our graduates and faculty confront complex issues that impact people’s lives through roles at companies such as Google and Facebook, as well as organisations like the NHS and the Scottish or UK Government. Others start their own businesses or work with local communities. The Innovation School prepares creative practitioners to make a difference in the world, whichever personal path they choose.

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