Social transformation meets technological innovation... everything begins here

Between Friday 31st May and Sunday 9th June and X the B.Des/MEDes - Master of European Design Product Design programmes - exhibited alongside the other new graduates from School of Innovation and Technology - The Glasgow School of Art - giving a glimpse of what tomorrow might hold for us all.

There were industry collaborations, third sector partnerships, passion projects and explorations of how we respond to the challenges of living in a complex and rapidly-changing world. These young graduates have explored the world they live, considered and critiqued the world that is likely to be theirs and offered a fantastic array of responses - all shared through artefacts and images to stimulate discussion, opportunity and engagement.

Even by GSA standards, it was a fantastic, well received event. Congratulations to our Product Design BDes and MEDes final year students on a tremendous Degree Show, exciting futures ahead of you all.

Thanks to all our amazing alumni, friends and family, project partners, experts, and show sponsors who celebrated the openings of the show.

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