In the age of the anthropocene, the geological time period where human activity is the dominant influence on climate and the environment, humans have become disconnected from the systems of nature our survival depends on. Decision making often happens within the confines of the artificial worldwhere business, economics, war, crime, discrimination, religion and politics soak up our attention and we neglect the natural ecosystems like pollination and the water cycle.

‘Hydro-City Stories: Glasgow’​ is a project which is exploring the potential of using transmedia stories for public engagement on environmental issues in the city. Glasgow faces the threat of sea-level rise and increased flooding over the next 50 years. This project seeks to prompt public engagement withimagined futures for a Glasgow that has adapted to these risks, making the issue tangible and relatable.Now more than ever we need new ways of facilitating progressive discussions unencumbered by the constraints and preconceptions of the present.

The current method of public forum is not as inclusive or inspirational as it could be. If we strive for innovation, inclusivity and sustainability, then creativity and imagination need to be involved in the decision making process as we move forward post COVID-19, and rethink our relationship with nature and the design of our local environment. We must find a way to embrace complexity and consider not just the multiple human perspectives but the ecosystems which surround us too. In response to this opportunity,​ ‘Hydro-City Stories: Glasgow’​ proposes an imaginative and Futures-driven approach.

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