Within the context of The Home of the Future, 3rd year students are asked to speculate on how shifting socio-cultural trends, attitudes and phenomena might impact on the way we think of and use our homes in the near future… say, 10 years out.

Informed by real emerging & predicted factors, students work in small teams using the lens of ‘speculative design’ to envisage new domestic behaviours & rituals, and subsequently build on these insights to develop the proposal for an innovative lifestyle brand of the near future, each focusing on a particular room within the domestic environment, ie Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom etc. Rather than attempting to predict the future, these conceptual visions of a possible future are designed to explore what might be: to provoke debate and ask questions of the audience, using an archetypically familiar context – the home – as the framework to imagine potential future relationships with society, technology, economy, environment and politics.

An annual highlight of the Product Design programme, the outcomes of the 6 week long Brand X project are taken out of the studio and presented in a public setting: a valuable learning experience for the students, which invites feedback not only from peers and staff but also the general public on both the value and communication of their concepts. The outcome of this year’s Brand X project was presented at the Lighthouse, Glasgow, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture, between 17th-23rd January 2020.

Mil Stricevic

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