MDes Sound for the Moving Image programme leader Ronan Breslin, BDes Programme leader Dr Jessica Argo and Dr Alex Horowitz presented the Audio Engineering Society Scotland Christmas Lecture 2021 - with support from our undergraduate and postgraduate students and students from Glasgow City College.

We have a good understanding of the music recording industry and the processes involved in recording mixing and editing. We have a good grasp on what goes on in live touring audio. Mastering is not a mystery and the world of TV and film is not a secret… but what about AAA games?

A world of specialist techniques, coding and software not found anywhere else in the audio world – but also a world fiercely protected behind the wall of nondisclosure agreements. In this presentation AES Scotland has managed to persuade some elves to knock out a couple of bricks in the wall and let us join a conversation on the other side….

Inside the Black Box of Triple AAA Game Audio was a live streamed event.

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