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1 year
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Future Heritage Design at The Glasgow School of Art is a speculative interdisciplinary undertaking that draws upon a variety of academic disciplines such as design innovation, heritage and museum studies, human-computer interaction, and user experience design. It makes an early and important impact on heritage practice and cultural policy, recognising the relationship between heritage, community wellbeing and sustainability. This programme encourages us to think how we can re-interpret and be inspired by the past in a way that is speculative and culturally relevant to future heritage.


This programme aims to develop critical engagement with, and a working knowledge of, heritage debates, history, environmental issues, and societal concern; and provide a speculative design perspective to explore the development of future heritage with emerging technology; as well as utilise theoretical and technical skills to complete a collaborative project within a heritage setting.

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Our Team

The Innovation School’s faculty and support staff come from a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds. Our varied expertise enables us to cover many specialisms as well as providing a holistic overview of Design Innovation. Each tutor has a thorough understanding of human-centred design methods, and many are involved in their own research or projects that feed into our constantly evolving programmes.

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