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The circular economy has become synonymous with a more sustainable and equitable society. One that eliminates waste while creating social, economic, and ecological value. Achieving circularity requires working collaboratively and recognising the roles governments, industry and citizens can play in a more environmentally conscious future. This course focuses on the exploration of the key schools of thought for a circular economy, how they are applied today, and how they could be applied in a future society.


This programme focusses on the key ecological and social design aspects of the circular economy. Enabling students to combine circular economy theories and methods into contemporary design innovation practice, as a method of developing environmental and socially conscious design. This course seeks to equip students with the skills and knowledge to apply innovation in practical ways to develop more socially and ecologically conscious circular services, systems, businesses, and communities. The course aims to develop students thinking beyond the human so they can innovate eco centred solutions to contemporary global challenges.

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The MDes in Design Innovation & Circular Economy focuses on the social value of circular economy design, as well as its economic importance. It is about addressing real problems that affect real people, by understanding them from each stakeholder’s point of view. It has an international perspective, and a local focus, utilising and developing the rich natural and economic resource of the Scottish Highlands and the broader geographical area around our Highlands campus, where this programme is based. In addition, our Highlands campus has a permaculture garden, and is also currently host to specialisms in environmental design, interaction design, and future heritage, each of which offers opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and practice.

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