The Innovation School are thrilled to see graduate of the Daydream Believers Creative Thinking qualification to be offered a place on our BDes Design for Health and Wellbeing. is a free, ready to use, online resource bank for educators that utilise creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving techniques applicable across the school curriculum.  It was created as a collaboration between all of Scotland’s Art and Design FE and HE institutions to support secondary school teachers in their efforts to embed creativity in our schools.  GSA has played a key role in the development of Daydream Believers with Jo Petty from the School of Design and Ruth Cochrane from the Innovation School being part of the original group who set it up.  

At the behest of teachers and pupils who have used and loved the resources, Daydream Believers was able to support new SCQF level 5 & 6 qualifications in Creative Thinking with their resources, which has enabled GSA and others to recognise their work for application to Art School.  Teachers at a recent Daydream Believer event commented that the qualification is having a huge impact in Schools.

GSA Academic lead in the Innovation School noted “the Daydream Believer course engenders much of what we are looking for in our applicants.  An ability to use creativity to think about challenges in different ways, the awareness that Innovation can be applied to a huge variety of areas and can have particular impact in the Health sector”

GSA’s BDes in Design for Health and Wellbeing a unique, future-focused perspective on the role of design in shaping individual, collective, societal and planetary health and wellbeing. If we want to live in a healthy world and be well, we must design and create the conditions under which this becomes possible, for our society and our ecosystem. To this end, the BDes and integrated MDes programme covers a broad spectrum of design-led innovation practices associated with organisational, systemic and social change as they relate to the domain of Health and Wellbeing. This includes design of products, interactions, services, experiences, systems and strategies. Students are introduced to a diverse range of contemporary design skills, methods and approaches with a focus on how we apply these to explore and create new ways of living to promote health and wellbeing for people and planet.

Programme leader Irene Bell noted “We are still accepting applications for BDes in Design for Health and Wellbeing and would be delighted to see more applications coming from Daydream Believers participants.  We would encourage anyone with an interest in using creative thinking for social impact to apply now

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