At Winter School 2020, Innovation School welcomed many external guests to input into our annual, fortnight-long event. Those guests included London-based practice, Nord Projects. We were delighted to welcome the team from Nord, which included two GSA Innovation School graduates, and have them lead the Winter School project, "The Time(s) of Sacrifice", which explored relationships between humans and nature in an engaging 5-day design sprint.

The brief asked our participating students from KISD, KADK, Audencia, Aviero and Chiba, as well as those from GSA, to contemplate how designers create objects, interactions, services and experiences of value, and what will their cost be? How will designers produce beauty and utility that is both democratic and ecological? What role will new and emerging technologies play in allowing us to imagine new behaviours and ways of living that will neither “cost the earth,” nor sacrifice the future for the present? Can designers help humanity consider the economic, political, aesthetic and technological dimensions of a relationship with the non-human actants who share the planet with us?

Follow the link below to their Summary of another successful event in The Highlands of Scotland.

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