Daniel Crawford (MSc Medical Visualisation & Human Anatomy, 2013) is the winner of The University of Glasgow World Changing Alumni Award 2023.

Founder of the award-winning AI medical software company Axial3D, Daniel Crawford (MSc 2013) has added to his successes by being voted our World Changing Alumni Award winner for 2023. Launched in 2015, Daniel’s company creates precise 3D visualisations that have helped surgeons and other healthcare professionals in over 30 countries to develop more effective, patient-specific treatment plans.

"I did my masters in Medical Visualisation & Human Anatomy as a joint degree with The Glasgow School of Art. Researchers there had the ability to take the 2D images from the hospital then turn them into 3D visualisations and volumetric designs – so it kept both sides of my brain very happy!

“We take 2D images that you'd find in a hospital, so mainly CT and MRI scans, and put them through our proprietary machine learning algorithms to convert them into 3D representations. And what we're finding is, in around 50% of cases, surgeons are changing a diagnosis or plan when they look at the 3D model. It allows a surgeon, radiologist or clinician to understand more about what is actually going on with that patient – and sometimes that leads to a large change in the diagnosis.

Read more here, in the University of Glasgow Avenue magazine.

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