This project aims to identify routes by which the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) User Experience could be enhanced by introducing new ways of interaction for its members of staff as well as blood donors. A People-Centred Design Innovation approach was applied to facilitate processes of co-enquiry and arrive at a proposed idea.

This project was a collaboration between the DHI and the SNBTS. The starting point was the desire to improve the staff resource, known as ‘The Browser’, used primarily in determining a donor’s eligibility to donate. Working closely with the Blood Donation Teams at the SNBTS, helped the DHI team to identify key issues in the blood donation system, create an in-depth understanding of the pain points, different ways staff use the existing digital system, its shortcomings, and how it ties into other parts of the blood donation process and SNBTS. This process created the required thinking space for generating and developing new ideas and solutions towards the creation of a Well-Connected Blood Donation Experience and an enhanced donation model for both members of staff and donors.

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