Project Summary

Exploring the transformative potential of citizen driven data towards the development of a new model of care for Asthma in Scotland.

Next Generation Asthma Care’ aims to introduce a predictive and personalised care model, utilising next generation technology to track medication adherence and other contextual data, in order to inform preventative approaches to asthma care. The DHI proposes that a service model that utilises digital tools and services - such as smart asthma inhalers that communicate directly with the cloud - could reduce cost and improve accuracy of data.

We employed a participatory design approach to collaborate with key stakeholders including people who have lived experience of asthma, and health professionals who deliver care for people with asthma, in order to inform a future vision for asthma care. A series of semi-structured qualitative interviews were first undertaken and the insights gathered were used to create ‘real personas’ from which to design speculative responses. This work informed two co-design workshops, which respectively aimed to design the preferable future for asthma care, and to understand user needs and required assets for an interactive asthma action plan designed to support self-management.

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