Project Summary

In the My Cancer mAI Care project, AI was applied to data from the ‘Improving the Cancer Journey Programme’ in Glasgow, to produce a visual tool to predict the future service needs of people living with cancer, and support Macmillan to offer a more personalised digital referral service for citizens and carers, improve planning and resource use. DHI led a series of workshops to prototype and test user interfaces with Macmillan staff and people affected by cancer, ensuring service needs effectively informed technology requirements. Two prototype user interfaces with underpinning computational models were created by Abertay. For staff, 3D interactive graphs offered novel insights and enabled improved planning and management. For people living with cancer, an iPad app prototype was developed to offer users Macmillan Cancer Support’s electronic Holistic Needs Assessment (eHNA) with personalised care recommendations identified by the AI. These aimed to help individuals to self-manage and prime social care staff to have more intuitive conversations.

The personalised eHNA is now part of Macmillan’s infrastructure and the AI machine learning Proof of Concept has demonstrated the potential of guided navigation.   Stage 2 of the project aims to de-risk the technologies for use within Macmillan’s operations and deliver an integration-ready system which improves the user experience. DHI is also exploring additional uses of this innovative approach with Abertay, including a potential collaboration with Alzheimer’s Scotland.

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