The Innovation School at The Glasgow School of Art is proud to announce that it has become a member of WEALL, the Well-being Economy Alliance, a global partnership aimed at economic transformation and ecological benefit for people and planet.


WEAll’s vision is that economies around the world are redesigned to create shared wellbeing for people and planet by 2040.


TheWellbeing Economy Alliance is a time-bound project that is building momentum for economic transformation and changing the debate so that economies around the world deliver shared wellbeing for people and planet.

 The Innovation School delivers design-led innovation across the social, economic and cultural life of Scotland, from digital health and care, contributing to a just transition to the post-carbon economy and sustainable jobs, housing and educational opportunities. Professor Gordon Hush,Head of the Innovation School, said that “our commitment to the values of the well-being economy, of fairness, opportunity and health for both the planet and its inhabitants, highlights the power of creativity, of design-led innovation to change how we live today and tomorrow.”  

 The partnership between Innovation School and WEALL will be led by Elio Caccavale, Reader in Transdisciplinary Innovation, and will work closely with WEALL Scotland and international partners to identify projects that offer opportunities for collaborative and creative transformation of how we live and work.

“Nobody can change the world alone, nobody knows enough, everybody is part of an infinite diversity of experiences, of perspectives and unique complementary solutions seeking the evolution of an economy which could be good for Life.Being part of WEAll has granted more legitimacy to Sistema B as part of its strategy of global alliances.”

– Pedro Tarak,Co-Founder, Sistema B and WEAll Trustee and Ambassador

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