How to grow a creative business without losing creativity.

A project by Madeline Smith, Dr Paul Smith and Vanessa Lang

HAUS are an emerging Scottish Architectural Studio who are ambitious in their desire to grow the business and establish a New York Studio within the next 5 years. To achieve this internationalisation goalHAUS approached the Innovation School through their partnership withConstruction Scotland Innovation Centre to help establish a structured methodology to formalise their current innovation culture.

This project pioneered the methodology of how a design company purposefully makes effective use of recognising knowledge and expertise from an academic partner to liberate the knowledge, skills, competence and potential that resides within the practice.

All members of the studio worked collaboratively with theInnovation School to develop the Haus Culture of Innovation methodology through a series of creative participatory workshops. This process assisted in identifying the key success elements for growth of a creative company whilst establishing a structure around creating a culture of innovation in the process, and demonstrating the innovative culture process within Architecture.

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